Yamaha MY8 LAKE - Lake Processing Directly From Your Digital Mixer

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  • 8-in/8-out Mesa mode (system EQ), 4-in/12-out Contour mode (crossover), or a combination of both for versatile processing
  • 24bit resolution, 96 kHz internal processing, supporting 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, and 88.2 kHz sample rates
  • 1x D-sub 25 pin connector, 1x RJ-45 connector
  • Compatible with Smaart sound system measurement software for efficient, effective speaker tuning
  • Flexible system setup via Yamaha digital mixer insert points and MY8-LAKE card AES/EBU connectors
  • Lake Controller software application allows comprehensive overall management of all Lake devices in the system
  • Over 1,000 speaker presets included for fast, accurate tuning with a wide range of systems

Lake Processing has become the de-facto standard for speaker processing in live sound applications. The MY8-LAKE is a DSP card for Yamaha digital mixing consoles, developed through close technological cooperation between Yamaha and Lake. The full power of Mesa EQ, Ideal Graphic EQ, and Linear Phase Crossover functions are packed into one compact card, providing immense processing capability and precise, intuitive control right at your fingertips.

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