Adam Hall Cables KMK 234 AES B AES/EBU and DMX Cable 110-ohm digital blue

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Product description:
The Omega Pro AES is an outstanding cable for transmitting data signals in the 110 ? AES/EBU and DMX data format. 100 % shielding + fleece with vaporised aluminium ensure faultless data transfer even over long runs.Specifications:
Product type:Bulk Cable
Type:DMX & AES/EBU Cable
Overall diameter:6.4 mm
Center conductor cross section:0.34 mm²
Center conductor material:copper
Center conductor construction:19 x 0.15 mm
Number of internal conductors:2
Shield material:Copper / aluminium fleece
Shield:Braided / wound shielding
Line surge impedance:110 Ohm(s)
Line resistance::
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