PA-6000RC PA zone paging desktop microphone,

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Product description:
PA zone paging desktop microphone,

for the connection to PA-6240, PA-6480 and PA-6600.
  • Selector buttons for speaker zones 1-6
  • Start function/pause function for 6 selectable announcements which are stored in the digital module PA-1120DM
  • Automatic chime via microphone announcement button
  • Adjustable line input (RCA L/R) for the connection of a signal source, e.g. CD player or tape deck
  • LED display for transmission mode
  • Power supply via PA-6240, PA-6480, PA-6600 
  • RJ45 jack for connecting additional PA-6000RC microphones with slave/priority switch
  • Supplied with connection module for PA-6240, PA-6480 and PA-6600 

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