Philips MASTERColour CDM-T Evolution 70W/930 G12

Philips MASTERColour CDM-T Evolution 70W/930 G12
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Specifications Cap base G12 [ G12] Operating position VBU/VBD60 [ Vertical or Base Up/Base... more
All information about the product:
"Philips MASTERColour CDM-T Evolution 70W/930 G12"

Cap base
G12 [ G12]

Operating position
VBU/VBD60 [ Vertical or Base Up/Base Down +/-60D]

Life to 5% failures (nom.)
13000 h

Life to 10% failures (nom.)
15000 h

Life to 20% failures (nom.)
17000 h

Life to 50% failures (nom.)
20000 h


Light Technical

Luminous flux (nom.)
8800 lm

Colour designation
Warm white (WW)

Lumen maintenance 1,000 hours (nom.)
96 %

Lumen maintenance 12,000 hours (nom.)
88 %

Lumen maintenance 2,000 hours (nom.)
93 %

Lumen maintenance 4,000 hours (nom.)
92 %

Chromaticity coordinate X (nom.)

Chromaticity coordinate Y (nom.)

Correlated colour temperature (nom.)
3000 K

Luminous efficacy (rated) (nom.)
120 lm/W

Color rendering index (min.)

Color rendering index (nom.)

Operating and Electrical

Power (Rated) (Nom)
70 W

Lamp current run-up (max.)
2 A

Ignition peak voltage (max.)
5000 V

Re-ignition time (min.) (max.)
15 min

Ignition time (max.)
30 s

Voltage (Max)
101 V

Voltage (Min)
91 V

Voltage (Nom)
96 V

Controls and Dimming


Run-up time 90% (max.)
3 min

Run-up time 90% (nom.)
1.5 min

Mechanical and Housing

Bulb finish
Clear (CL)

Approval and Application

Energy efficiency label (EEL)

Mercury (Hg) content (nom.)
6.6 mg

Energy Consumption kWh/1000 h
80 kWh


PET (NIOSH) (min.)
8 h/500lx

Damage factor D/fc (max.)

Luminaire Design Requirements

Bulb temperature (max.)
500 °C

Cap base temperature (max.)
250 °C

Pinch temperature (max.)
350 °C
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