GLITTERGUN Electric Glitter Cannon 50cm

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Glitter cannon, electrical, 50 cm

  • The Glittergun is a new product that produces mesmerizing glitter effects when used indoors and in combination with direct light
  • High-quality product for professional use on stages, in clubs etc.
  • The glitter hovers in midair for up to 30 minutes and amazes your guests with Bling!
  • Activate glitter production by electrical impulse (e.g. E-Shot, WI-Shot or Confetti Gun)
  • Easy waste disposal
  • Under normal use the glitter is not harmful for neither your health nor your technical devices
  • The glitter is produced in Germany and complies with ISO 9001:2015
  • Tested by BAM
  • Made in Germany

Length:50 cm
Width:4,7 cm
Weight:0,31 kg
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