EUROLITE LVH-1 S-video distribution amp

EUROLITE LVH-1 S-Video Verteilverstärker
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When images came alive!Our attention tends to increase when images move. As television and videos...más
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"EUROLITE LVH-1 S-video distribution amp"
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When images came alive!Our attention tends to increase when images move. As television and videos are appealing to us they have many different purposes in our society of information and entertainment. If you wish to benefit from this too and are wondering how to distribute a video signal to multiple screens, for instance at a conference, then we highly recommend our EUROLITE LVH-1. This distribution amplifier for s-video signals amplifies and distributes high-quality s-video signals to four outputs. Power connections are made using either the screw terminals or a DC power jack. Additionally, the chromaticity and brilliance can be manually adjusted. A second DC power jack is provided for daisy-chaining multiple modules. With the LVH-1, you have full control over what is sent and where it is being sent.

S-video distribution amplifier 1:4

  • S-Video (Y-C) distribution
  • Four separate outputs
  • Adjustable gain for each component
  • 75 ohms input and outputs via mini-DIN-4 plugs
  • Wide bandwidth - flat to 10 MHz
  • Super compact metal housing
  • Suitable for wall mounting
  • 12-24 V DC power supply via block terminals or power jack (PSU not included in the delivery)
  • Feed-through output allows to power another LVH-1
  • Daisy-chain connection possible

Power supply:12-49 V DC 75 mA
Power connection:Mains input screw terminal
Mains input Coaxial power connector (M) Power supply cord with AC adapter (not included)
Frequency range:10 - 10000000 Hz
S/N ratio:>75 dB
Gain:0 dB to +6 dB
Dimensions:Width: 16,4 cm
Depth: 8,3 cm
Height: 2,3 cm
Weight:320 g
1 x S-video input:1 Vpp/ 75 ohms, 4-pin mini-DIN
4 x S-video outputs:1 Vpp/ 75 ohms, 4-pin mini-DIN
Output isolation:>45 dB
Differential gain:0.1%
Differential phase:0.1 degree
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