Filtro de aire profesional LTT con filtro HEPA H14 y luz UV-C para 150m²

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professional AIR CLEANING and DISINFECTION Clean, virus-free air for private, commercial or...más
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"Filtro de aire profesional LTT con filtro HEPA H14 y luz UV-C para 150m²"
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Clean, virus-free air for private, commercial or medical areas

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Professional Air Purifier 

Pure air - like pure water - is the basis of a healthy life. Nevertheless, we are surrounded by viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen and many other tiny particles every day. We cannot see them, but they are present in every room. Especially where many different people come together, e.g. in sports clubs, waiting and treatment rooms, stores, churches, schools and offices, but also in your home.
With a professional air purifier you not only reduce the risk of a virus infection and the release of fine particles and dust, but you also achieve a significantly lower exposure to allergies, such as hay fever, and also a much lower exposure to unpleasant odors.

Where can air purifiers be used?

Almost everywhere! Our air purifiers can be used in any desired location to improve air quality as long as they are used indoors.

Fields of application

retirement / nursing homes, medical practices, bars, authorities / offices, reception areas, hairdressing salons, fitness studios, hotels, hotel rooms, canteens, kindergartens, hospitals, laboratories, museums, nail studios, public spaces, private areas, restaurants, schools, therapy rooms, universities, waiting areas, living rooms

Application spectrum

Aerosols, (corona) viruses, bacteria, allergens, pollen, dust, dust mites, pet hairs, mold spores, odors

Air purifiers for targeted improvement of air quality in medical, public, commercial and private areas (including doctors' surgeries, hospitals, retirement homes, offices, restaurants). The basic version is filtered by a 3-stage filter system consisting of a pre-filter, a HEPA filter (HEPA filter H14) and a UV-C lamp which can be switched on. Optionally, the unit can be equipped with an activated carbon mat or with a larger activated carbon cell with downstream HEPA filter to remove odours from the room air.


  • Operation via touch display
  • adjustable day and night switching
  • UV lamps with adjustable switch-on and switch-off delay
  • energy-saving and performance-optimized fan with high capacity
  • stable and lightweight powder-coated housing
  • HEPA filter according to EN 1822 class H14
  • simple, very low emission filter change, filter change is indicated optically
  • infinitely variable output regulation 0 - 100
  • automatic soft start
  • for rooms up to 150 m² *
  • high filter storage capacity
  • optional activated carbon filter possibility
  • suitable for rooms up to 150 m² *

Technical data 

Dimensions (L x B x H)393 x 463 x 950 mm
Weight incl. filter 22 kg
Room size 150 m² *
Mains connection / fuse 230 V / 2,0 A
Volume flow with filter 1062 m³/h
Filter levels 3 / optional 5
Filter class HEPA-Filter H14 nach EN 1822 + Prefilter
Filter change interval 8.800 Operating hours**
Sound level at 50% / 100% 59 / 69 dB (A)

for rooms up to 150 m² *
with a room height of 2.5 m and a 2.5-fold air exchange per hour 150m².
**Filter change after 8,800 hours of operation - with 24 hours/day operation change after 1 year, with 8 hours/day operation approx. every 3 years

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