JTS GM-5212 Elektret-Schwanenhals-Mikrofon

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Electret gooseneck microphone

This gooseneck microphone of supercardioid characteristic which has been optimised for voice transmissions provides a perfect sound with a very high speech intelligibility and minimum acoustic feedback response at the same time.

The reliable and high-quality workmanship ensures a long life even at severe conditions in general applications.

This microphone is suitable for general applications due to the rigidly installed 3-pole XLR plug and can be operated via an external phantom power supply or the microphone base ST-5030.

System:back electret/supercardioid
Frequency range:80-18,000Hz
Impedance:220Ω ±30% 
Max. SPL:125dB
Power supply:48V DC  phantom
Connection, microphone:XLR, bal.
Connection, cable:-

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