Ashtray WINDOW, stainless steel

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Smokers find a ready welcome!In the past, ashtrays in bars had only one form and one position: small, round and placed on a table or bar. However, nowadays you are looking for this version in vain as new non smoking laws were introduced, moving smokers outdoors. And there, cigarette ends are mainly thrown on the floor ploddingly be picked up the next day. But you can fight against that.Appropriate and well manufactured ashtrays offer the easiest solution, like our "window" stainless steel model. It can conveniently be fixed on the wall and offers a rain shelter which prevents the dirt from getting all wet and soaky. The ashtray's special feature is its waterproof window, where advertisement or address sheets can easily be placed.In addition, due to to rust free stainless steel it won't start getting rusty and therefore will remain elegant and stylish. Incidentally we also keep further ashtrays in stock which are all together predestinated for outdoor use.

High class stainless steel ash-tray

  • Window for advertisements or addresses
  • Double moisture protection for the window with additional roof and integrated plastic cover
  • Ample accessory such as heavy-duty dowels or keys included
  • Can be easily mounted to a wall
  • Can be easily emptied - separate collecting tray can be easily taken out
  • Rain shelter
  • Collecting tray prevents your hands from getting dirty
  • Solid
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Trendy look
  • Premium stainless steel (chrome nickel steel)
  • Construction prevents cigarette ends from falling beside the tray

Weight:4,10 kg

EUROPALMS synthetic plants
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