Riggatec safety rope 100cm x 7 mm up to 50 kg

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Riggatec safety ropes

For security in venues and productions, the accident prevention regulation BGV Cl is binding.
Our Riggatec safety ropes are certified according to this and the DN EN ISO 900 l: 2008 and were produced with professional, mechanical pressing equipment.

The quick links are DIN marked and have an extra-large opening for easy insertion of the thimble

For more important information on slings, loads above persons and Safety at productions and events following file for free download can be found in the appendix: VBG professional information BGI 810-3


  • Length: 100cm
  • Thickness: 7 mm
  • Load capacity (according to BGI 810-3, version 3.012012-03): up to 50 kg
  • Wire rope according to DIN EN 12385-4
  • Both-sided with thimble
  • One side with undetachable chain quick fastener with thimble 3.50 mm according to DIN 56926-B
  • incl. Badge
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