Bralo 55944814 Pop-Rivet Truss-Head 4.8 x 14 mm

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Product description:
Special rivet to use with soft materials and therefore perfect to use with sandwich materials such as astroboard. The mandrel of this rivet is made of a softer alloy so the mandrel will break off more easily and as a result the contact pressure is lower compared to a standard rivet. The strength of the assembly is the same as it is with a standard rivet (2,000 N sheering strain / 2,700 N tensile strain). Also available in black upon request. Specifications:
Product type:Fittings
Rivet diameter:4.8 mm
Rivet length:14 mm
Head diameter:9.5 mm
Head height:1.1 mm
Mandrel diameter:2.75 mm
Clamping width:8 - 10,0 mm
Load capacity (sheering strain):2000 N
Tensile load:2700 N
Rivet material:aluminium
Rivet alloy:AIMg 3.5
Mandrel material:steel
Mandrel surface:nature
Weight:0,003 kg