Adam Hall Cables K 20 C 50 Multicore with Stage Box 16/4 50 m

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Product description:
Made to our specifications, the strudy steel construction stagebox is black powder coated with an integrated carrying handle and fitted with high quality metal XLR connectors. Maximum audio integrity, highly flexible multicore with high quality metal XLR's which are number coded.
  • 20 Channels -16 In, 4 Returns
  • 50 m Multicore
  • wire rope strain-relief
Product type:Pre-assembled Cables
Type:Multicore cable
Length:50 m
Cable diameter:20.2 mm
Conductor cross-section:0.314 mm²
Connector 1-A (built into drum / stage box):XLR
Number of connectors connector 1-A:16
Gender of connector 1-A:female
Poles of connector 1-A:3
Contacts of connector 1-A:Nickel-silver
Manufacturer of connector 1-A:Adam Hall
Model number connector 1-A:Custom-made
Connector 1-B (built into drum / stage box):XLR
Number of connectors connector 1-B:4
Gender of connector 1-B:male
Poles of connector 1-B:3
Contacts of connector 1-B:Nickel-silver
Manufacturer of connector 1-B:Adam Hall
Model number connector 1-B:Custom-made
Connector 2-A (splice):XLR
Number of connectors connector 2-A:16
Gender of connector 2-A:male
Poles of connector 2-A:3
Contacts of connector 2-A:Nickel-silver
Manufacturer of connector 2-A:Adam Hall
Model number connector 2-A:Custom-made
Connector 2-B (splice):XLR
Number of connectors connector 2-B:4
Gender of connector 2-B:female
Poles of connector 2-B:3
Contacts of connector 2-B:Nickel-silver
Manufacturer of connector 2-B:Adam Hall
Model number connector 2-B:Custom-made
Split end length:60 mm
Width:180 mm
Height:75 mm
Depth:335 mm
Weight:23,8 kg