Adam Hall Accessories 0151 X 43 DECO- cloth B1 with burnished Grommets

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Product description:
MADE in GERMANY ! Black deco cloth impregnated in flame retardant and 160-g-quality, as curtain, backdrop or for decorative purposes. The fabrics have grommets at intervals of 25 centimeters along one side and are backed with an additional strip of webbing, permitting fast and secure installation both tightly stretched as well as loosely pleated. The grommets have a rustproof burnished plating and a 20-millimetre hole diameter. The outer edges are hemmed, while the bottom edge is unhemmed, so that the material can be cut to the necessary length quickly and easily.Specifications:
Product type:blackout cloth
Type:Decorative Molton
Material:100% cotton
Width:4 m
Length:3 m
Weight:160 g/m²
Grommet material:burnished, rustproof
Grommet spacing:250 mm
Grommet diameter:20 mm
Weight:1,94 kg
Other features:flame resistant (B1)
Other features:one side hemmed with webbing and grommets
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