ARRI CB 1200

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ARRI CB 1200

For over 25 years, discharge lighting ballasts have been an integral part of the ARRI Lighting family. Since then, the range has developed into the reliable, robust and efficient components recognised world-wide as the industry standard for film, theatre and events.

ARRI offers a comprehensive range of conventional choke and electronic ballasts for mains and battery operation, including 19" multi-function electronic ballasts - plug in technology, with automatic lamp recognition, for the universal connection of different power lampheads. Today, ARRI Ballasts feature state of the art electronics and offer easy maintenance, automatic fault detection and extensive status indicators along with impeccable reliability and safety. A wide range of cables and accessories completes the ARRI range.

Location Multi-function Ballasts save space on set and make plugging up discharge heads almost as easy as tungsten. A rolling rack can power up to 18 lampheads via multi-core cables. Standard ARRI heads from 200W to 4kW can be used. Intelligent splitter boxes are available in two types: the 2/6/12 can supply 6 x 200 or 575W heads or up to 3 x 1.2kW heads driven by pairs of channels while the 2.5/4 splitter operates up to three 2.5 or 4kW heads. The boxes identify the combination connected so the appropriate power is supplied without risk.

ARRI Event Systems have set the standard for exhibitions, car shows and other events where daylight sources are required. The Event System saves set-up time and costs with improved cable management. Special Event Arrisun and ARRI X heads are supplied by a 19" 4U pack via a single multicore cable. For more details please refer to the Event Brochure.

Boost Ballasts give the highest possible light output for high-speedphotography. 4kW lamps are driven with 8kW power for up to 15-20 seconds giving high illumination with much less heat than tungsten lighting. Rack-mounted or stand-alone options are available.

• Conventional choke ballasts with 575W to 12000W capacity
• Electronic ballasts from 125W to 18000W capacity
• Electronic battery ballasts to 1200W
• 19" rack mount electronic ballasts -plug-in technology for 200W to 4000W
• Rolling racks with integrated power distribution for 19" electronic ballasts
• Multicore cables and intelligent splitter boxes for Location and Event Systems
• Options for International Veam or Schaltbau connectors
• Optional DMX remote control on many models
• Rack-mounted or stand alone Boost Ballasts
• ALF (Active Line Filter) for Electronic Ballasts


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