dB Technologies B-HYPE 10

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The active two-way speaker series providing a professional sonic performance to all kind of users. The most accurate sound reproduction combined with aggressive sound pressure levels and enhanced portability.

B·H series aims to provide a professional yet efficient sonic performance to all kind of users, combining an extremely efficient CLASS D amplifier with aggressive sound pressure levels (up to 126,5 dB for the 15” cabinet), while delivering the most accurate sound reproduction.

The new B-HYPE 10 is a versatile active speaker. It is equipped with one 1” compression driver (1” voice coil), and one 10” woofer (1.5” voice coil). The dispersion pattern is asymmetrical on vertical axis, and it is diversified (top and bottom) on the horizontal one. This allows a narrower and more efficient sound coverage, and a better performance in case of reverberant environments. The combo input (with source type selection) allows an easy and versatile use, suitable for a dynamic microphone and standard line input. The user can enhance lower and upper frequencies with the convenient DSP preset function. A balanced link output allows the audio connection to a second loudspeaker.

The featherweight cabinets (from 14 to 38 lbs) come with a clean and contemporary full grille design, enhancing both portability (3 handles -1xside and 1 on top-) and multifuncionality: each cabinet can be used horizontally as a stage monitor (on both sides) and features a pole mount cup in order to be used on tripods or stacked on dBTechnologies Subs.


  • 10 "woofers
  • 1 "tweeter
  • digital power amplifier
  • 260 watts / peak
  • 24-bit DSP
  • Weight 9 kg

Technical Data

Speaker Type :

2-Way Active Speaker

Acoustical data

Usable Bandwidth [-10dB]:

55 - 20.000 Hz

Frequency Response [-6 dB]:

62 - 19.600 Hz

Max SPL:

121 dB

Type HF:

Compression Driver

HF voice coil:

1 "


10 "

LF voice coil :

1.5 "

Crossover Frequency:

2300 Hz (24 dB/oct.)

Horizontal Dispersion:

asymmetrical 85° up / 120°down

Vertical Dispersion:

85° (+25/ -60°)


Amp Technology:

Custom Made

Amp Class:

Class D - Passice cooling (convection)

Power Peak:

260 W



DSP 28/56 bit- 48 kHz


Peak, RMS, Thermal


Volume, Audio Input Sensitivity, DSP Preset


Main Connection :


Signal Input Balanced:

1xCombo IN (MIC/LINE)

SIGNAL Out (Balanced):





Grille :

Full Metal Grille


3 (2 on side 1 on top)

Pole Mount:

36 mm


295 mm (11.61 in)


544 mm (21.42 in)


283 mm (11.14 in)


9 kg (19.84 lbs)

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