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No two projects are exactly the same, and every customer has different requirements and expectations. Over the past 20 years, this diversity of requirements has given rise to a wealth of experience at LTT, which in turn has shaped us and continues to motivate us every day. For the satisfaction of our customers – for your satisfaction.

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Creating breathtaking sceneries - with trusses by Naxpro-Truss

To fit in with the "Fixed installation" Special Edition of the EVENT Rookie magazine, we were able to present a project that is particularly close to our hearts. The Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz in Munich commissioned us to supply a Naxpro-Truss additional rig, which exhibited a large number of special features.

Jump ´n run in real life: The ninja park made of Naxpro trusses

In the Sportpark Kelkheim you will find one of the largest Ninja Park halls in Germany. On an area of about 1,100 m², the park, consisting of about 1,000 m HD 32 & HD 34 trusses, offers "funTRUSStic" fun for big and small ninjas.

Our HD truss systems are characterized by a compact design combined with high load capacity. So they are ideally suited for the requirements of the Ninja Park.

We thank you for the successful cooperation and wish all visitors a lot of fun!

So on your marks - get set - GO!

Exclusive facade design from aluminum trusses

Nowadays, the application scope of aluminium trusses is no longer restricted to event technology. The fact that the extremely stable and lightweight load-bearing and assembly construction can also be effectively used in other areas is illustrated by the example of a major French construction company, who used the Naxpro Truss System for an exclusive façade design in the construction of their multi-storey car parks.

Trusses fpr the craziest competition in france!

It goes through narrow tubes, cold rivers and high obstacles, and precisely because the extreme run "LA FRAPPADINGUE" is so unusual, it is so popular with the French! But that's not all: Naxpro Truss now supplies a wide variety of truss structures as obstacles for the trendy survival run, so that in the end there is only one motto: "'j’y étais et j’ai terminé ..." - "I was there and got through ... "
The following special designs were made according to customer requirements:

  • Monkey bars from Naxpro Truss-HD34
  • Climbing net construction from Naxpro-Truss HD34
  • Cable-stayed bridge construction Naxpro-Truss HD34
  • Electrical wall Naxpro-Truss FD32
  • Banner frame Naxpro-Truss FD33


Everything came from a single source, from planning through the static calculation to the crossbars.

Litetruss Arched roof 10 x 8 m

WK Sound & Light S.à r.l. from Luxembourg started the open air season with a new arched stage. The LTT Group was needed here as a full service partner.

The stage roof was assembled using the following components:

  • Roof tarpaulin B1, grey
  • Gauze B1, black
  • Trusses from Litetruss, H34V Series
  • Stage platforms from Bullstage, Tour Deck Series Outdoor
  • Fastenings and cable connectors from Riggatec
  • Static calculation, wind zone 1-2
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