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No two projects are exactly the same, and every customer has different requirements and expectations. Over the past 20 years, this diversity of requirements has given rise to a wealth of experience at LTT, which in turn has shaped us and continues to motivate us every day. For the satisfaction of our customers – for your satisfaction.

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Litetruss Arched roof 10 x 8 m

WK Sound & Light S.à r.l. from Luxembourg started the open air season with a new arched stage. The LTT Group was needed here as a full service partner.

The stage roof was assembled using the following components:

  • Roof tarpaulin B1, grey
  • Gauze B1, black
  • Trusses from Litetruss, H34V Series
  • Stage platforms from Bullstage, Tour Deck Series Outdoor
  • Fastenings and cable connectors from Riggatec
  • Static calculation, wind zone 1-2

Naxpro-Truss - Truss construction for modular DJ stages

In cooperation with the Modification Centre of the Austrian company Lagermax, LTT developed four modular DJ stages made of Naxpro Truss HD 34 trusses for a well-known beverage manufacturer. These stages will be used for a wide variety of events.

The system is mounted by means of support plates on a festival container, which also serves as a means of transport and ballast for the truss system.

Garage Demuth Car dealer of the Audi and VW brands

Garage Demuth is one of the largest car dealers of Audi and VW in Luxembourg with more than 100 employees and premises covering over 20,000 sq.m.

In this project, LTT supported the company from the beginning until the completion of the construction projects. LTT planned the electrical and lighting concept for the sales rooms, workshops and social areas in close cooperation with the customer. The buildings have been equipped with the latest technology such as EIB, which allows the entire premises to be controlled and monitored easily from a PC. This ensures, for example, that the light in the WC is not left on at night.

The electrical installation was planned by us and our partners in consultation with the customer. LTT also supplied the complex control cabinets, which were equipped with the innovative EIB system. RCF's public address system, which has been designed for background sound and paging of employees, can also assist in evacuation in the event of an emergency. A total of more than 22,000 m data cables and 19,000 m power cables were laid for this project.

High-quality constructions for façade advertising

Whether for concealing scaffolding on building sites or for effective façade advertising, the Heavy Duty product range from Naxpro Truss can be used to cover large areas quickly and easily with little effort, thanks to its high stability.

Take advantage of the excellent visibility and associated high impact of advertising on such large-sized advertising spaces. LTT will be happy to provide you with experienced staff to help you plan the substructure.

Exhibition stand for Catana at the Düsseldorf Boat Show ("Boot")

Thanks to precise planning of the exhibition stand by LTT and flawless construction by our full-service partners, it was possible to successfully present one of the largest sailing yachts in the world at the boot – a trade fair for boats and water sports in Düsseldorf.

The competent and reliable choice of trusses and lighting technology meant that the sailing yacht could be displayed impressively.

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