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As a professional full-service partner for show and event technology, we specialise in stage and lighting technology, aluminium trusses, exhibition stand construction equipment, DJ equipment and event decoration. We offer you a huge range of selected quality products in these sectors, with a very good price-performance ratio.

Technical planning and realization

Our professional planning office and installation team will assist you in the technical planning and realization of your events if desired. This will guarantee the timely, safe and smooth construction and installation of your products purchased from LTT. Thanks to our many years of experience in all areas of event technology, we come up with the right solution for almost every requirement. Whether for exclusive exhibition stands, special constructions for customised trusses, stage platforms, stage roofs or complete equipment for concerts, theatres, large events, discotheques or film studios – we ensure that full rein is given to your creativity and ideas.

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In addition to trusses and truss systems from numerous manufacturers for the construction of exhibition stands and stages, you will find an extensive product range from the field of show and event technology such as DJ equipment, mixer consoles, lighting technology including PAR spotlights, illuminants, moving heads, LED spots and much more.


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Event Technology Technical planning and realization
Mobile exhibition stand made of trusses

Trusses:Stable support and assembly constructions for modern events

Crossbars, also known as trusses, play a crucial role as professional basic structures in event technology, exhibition stand construction and in the industrial sector. They are usually made of aluminium, but steel models are also quite common. Depending on the intended purpose, 2-point, 3-point or 4-point trusses are used, which differ in their load-bearing capacity due to their respective structural design. Trusses combine high stability with low weight and thus allow high loads with large spans.

Fast delivery times for many brands and series:

Thanks to our many years of experience in the development of aluminium trusses, we can quickly and easily realize special designs and projects that are customised to your needs. Our large logistics centre in Bocholt enables us to dispatch a wide range of brands and series, such as the popular Naxpro-Truss and Litetruss systems, promptly and smoothly. You can be assured that your products will leave our premises on the same day, if required.

Our planning office will be happy to assist you:

Original and modern projects can be developed from the different truss series. For example, attractive exhibition stands, spectacular concert stages, stage roofs, constructions for supply lines or displays, truss furniture, garden pavilions, mobile DJ stages or lighting fixtures are just some of the numerous possibilities offered by aluminium trusses. If your project cannot be constructed exclusively using standard components, our professional planning office is available to assist you and can develop customised truss constructions of any kind for you.

Truss construction with mirror ball Truss welder

Stage platforms:More security for your event

Bullstage products are powerful partners in stage construction and offer maximum user-friendliness thanks to their extensive compatibility with products from conventional series. Wether for a platform, stage on wheels or mobile stage element, stands for sitting or standing, or a customised special construction – Bullstage is ready to flex its muscles anywhere.

High load capacity at an extremely low weight:

Thanks to their innovative aluminium lightweight construction, the Bullstage stage platforms are among the outstanding featherweights in their class and, thanks to their high stability, provide an enormous load-bearing capacity at an extremely low weight. The result is a light, cost-effective product that enables effortless, efficient handling during assembly and transport and offers a distinct logistical advantage over conventional products.

We also provide provide Naxpro-Truss low-cost stage platform sets, compatible with the Naxpro-Truss gable roof stages and arched roof stages.

Stage platform with truss
Stairs from stage platforms

Rigging:Universal Rigging Equipment

Do you work in event or stage technology and are you in need of high quality rigging products? Then you should definitely take a look at our extensive product range!

The term "rigging" originally comes from the field of shipping and means the assembly of the rigging of a sailing ship – it was thus "rigged". In terms of event technology, rigging is therefore a combination of working at heights, arrestor technology and lifting technology. LTT offers you a first-class range of clamps and hooks, safety ropes, and various brackets and lifting tackles for professional rigging, which are impressive in every respect despite their reasonable prices. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

Rigging tools

High-quality tools for professional rigging constructions:

A basic requirement for professional rigging constructions are high-quality tools and well thought-out rigging accessories. The products offered by the Riggatec brand include, for example, first-class rigging stage equipment whose safety-relevant components meet the highest production standards and are primarily TÜV-certified.

Rigger working on a truss Aluminium hammer and gloves for rigging

Lighting:Effective lighting arrangement for events

The lighting is one of the most important components in sophisticated events. An event achieves its full effect only through the use of professional lighting arrangements.

Whether for show lighting or lighting for exhibitions – thanks to our many years of experience in the field of event and lighting technology, we can offer you the right product for any desired ambience.

Stage lighting Stage lighting Stage lighting

We will undertake the complete planning and realization of your lighting technology for you – entirely in line with your wishes and requirements. Our experienced team will work with you to develop suitable lighting concepts for your applications. We use our wide range of lamps, illuminants and spotlights to implement these concepts.

Showroom for event technology
Exhibition stand made of trusses

Exhibition stands:Create lasting impressions with LTT's exhibition stands

LTT's truss constructions combine functionality and design in a unique way and create effective corporate presentations. Exhibition stands constructed with trusses offer a particularly wide range of possibilities for your event or exhibition. We provide numerous individual accessories such as illumination, lighting effects and event decoration.

Aluminium trusses as basic structure

Compared to other building materials, aluminium trusses have the positive advantage of being very light in relation to their high load-bearing capacity. This means they can be transported and assembled in a labour-saving and cost-effective manner.

You want to be noticed? Create visual highlights!

Thanks to our many years of experience in all areas of event technology, we can develop the right solution to meet almost any requirement. Our professional planning office and installation team will assist you in the planning and realization of your exhibition presence if desired. Our own graphics department will also create a design concept customised to your needs. This guarantees the timely, safe and smooth construction and installation of your event technology products purchased from LTT.

We will develop your very individual exhibition stand for you. Our truss constructions can be combined in a variety of ways and can be supplemented with accessories or reduced or enlarged according to your needs. We ensure that full rein is given to your creativity and ideas!

Exhibition stand made of trusses Exhibition stand made of trusses Exhibition stand made of trusses

Event technology – rent instead of purchasing

As your high-performance event partner, LTT will assist you with advice and support in the planning and realization of your creative event concept. Needless to say, you can also rent the technical equipment for your event from LTT. Our range of services is as varied as the technology required for your successful event. Just get in touch with us about renting event technology equipment!