Osram PARATHOM MR16 20 36° ADV 3.3 W/827 GU5.3

Osram PARATHOM MR16 20 36° ADV 3.3 W/827 GU5.3
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Product benefits Very low energy consumption Extremely long life Robust against vibrations... more
All information about the product:
"Osram PARATHOM MR16 20 36° ADV 3.3 W/827 GU5.3"
Product benefits
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Extremely long life
  • Robust against vibrations
  • No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam
  • Efficient generation of white light

Areas of application
  • As a downlight for marking walkways, doors, stairs, etc.
  • Exhibitions, department stores
  • Outdoor applications only in suitable luminaires
  • Directional light sources
  • Museums
  • Hospitality
  • Shops

Product features
  • Professional LED lamp
  • Dimmable
  • Base: GU5.3
  • Lifetime: up to 35,000 h
  • Mercury-free lamps
  • High color consistency; SDCM: < 5 (PARATHOM PRO)
  • Equipment / Accessories
  • Equipped with high-power LEDs
  • Suitable for many commercially available electronic or conventional transformers

Electrical data

Rated wattage
3.30 W

Nominal wattage
3.30 W

Nominal voltage
12.0 V

Claimed equiv. conventional lamp power
20 W

Operating frequency
50…60 Hz

Power factor λ
> 0.70

Photometrical data

Luminous intensity
600 cd

Nominal luminous flux
230 lm

Rated luminous flux
230 lm

Color temperature
2700 K

Color rendering index Ra

Light color (designation)
Warm White

Standard deviation of color matching
≤5 sdcm

Nominal useful luminous flux 90°
230 lm

Rated useful luminous flux 90°
230 lm

Rated peak intensity
600 cd

Light technical data

Beam angle
36 °

Warm-up time (60 %)
0.20 s

Starting time
0.1 s

Nominal beam angle
36 °

Rated beam angle (half peak value)
36.00 °

Dimensions & weight

Overall length
51.7 mm

49.8 mm

Outer bulb

51.7 mm

Maximum diameter
50.0 mm


Nominal lamp life time
25000 h

Rated lamp life time
25000 h

Number of switching cycles

Lumen main.fact.at end of nom.life time

Additional product data

Base (standard designation)

Lamp mercury content
0.0 mg


Appropriate disposal acc. to WEEE

Product remark
All technical parameters apply to the entire lamp/Due to the complex production process for light-emitting diodes, the typical values shown for the technical LED parameters are purely statistical values that do not necessarily match the actual technical parameters of each individual product, which can vary from the typical value/LED lamps contain several electronic components. Under unfavourable conditions these can lead to acoustic noise. In case of resonance even low noise can cause audible effect. Possible factors influencing this are the installation, the design of the lamp holder and the luminaire (acoustic resonance effect) as well as the dimmer or the transformer (harmonics or electronic resonance)



Certificates & Standards

Energy efficiency class

Energy consumption
4 kWh/1000h

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